call into question是什么意思,call into question怎么读

call into question基本解释



1. 质疑,怀疑
2. 不同意见
3. 非难

call into question的用法和例句
Incidents like this though call into question how trustworthy that productivity is .
It was to be expected that our present economic traumas would call into question the state of economics .
As painful as side effects are however they do not really call into question the basic logic of the threat we face and how we should respond to it .
The guardian has been prevented from reporting parliamentary proceedings on legal grounds which appear to call into question privileges guaranteeing free speech established under the 1688 bill of rights .
While many claim it definitely exists others call into question the quality of the research and how the definition of the disorder is constantly changing .
But with bond markets continuing to punish those countries new bailouts may be needed soon -- a prospect that some believe will call into question the durability of the euro as a common currency .
Call into question ; challenge the accuracy probity or propriety of .
But they do call into question the probity of some climate change science .
If the quake did cause the damage it could call into question the resilience of tepco 's other nuclear installations in japan .
More than that it would call into question their whole centrist shtick - for the moral of my story is that mr. ryan isn 't the only emperor who turns out on closer examination to be naked .
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