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I 'll come to the party on the condition that you don 't wear those ridiculous trousers ?
Dumpy twin brothers tweedledee and tweedledum keep arguing all day long on what trousers they should wear during the week .
In china men usually wear the trousers at home .
Merchant says I saw early this side baby is certain very poor wear the trousers that takes a hole to connect us like them here no longer somebody was worn .
Wang has to wear three layers of cotton-padded clothes and trousers to protect himself from the cold and dampness .
If you choose wisely you will be able to wear the jacket and trousers as separates which makes a careful wardrobe choice go a long way .
The department of physical education writes : wear the goalkeeper of trousers only and did not wear shorts sharp edge and defend can you still call a football the team ?
If she can turn around the internet 's biggest basket case while dandling a newborn on her knee it will be the greatest triumph for working women since winning the right to wear trousers to the office ( which did not happen until 1994 in california ) .
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