partake of是什么意思,partake of怎么读

[pɑ:ˈteɪk ɔv]  
[pɑrˈtek ʌv]  

partake of基本解释


partake of的用法和例句
Millions try to enter the eu legally and illegally because they want to partake of the good life that the eu has created for its citizens .
She cradles you her children whilst knowing that it is time to birth a new child so that all in readiness may partake of this new creation .
No for you live in a sensed objective universe and are entitled to partake of the illusion for the illusion is the pavement upon which you must journey to return to self .
Some sensationalise it to evoke fear out of ignorance of its true meaning and consequence ; yet it is the single most important experience that you ones will partake of in this incarnation .
1 Cor. 9:12if others partake of this right over you should not rather we ?
If others partake of this right over you should not rather we ?
He is willing to partake of my arduous duties with no hesitation .
Together we partake of cold waves storms and firebolts .
This boast is not confirmed by my memory of anybody who on sunday morning has forced me to partake of his adventure .
The menu is practically endless to suit individual tastes and the only sensible thing to do is to go and partake of the feast and not complain about the monotony of life .
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