on condition that是什么意思,on condition that怎么读

on condition that基本解释



1. 假如
2. 只要
3. 条件是
4. 如果

on condition that的用法和例句
John will go on condition that mary is invited too .
The united states agreed to this on condition that any re-entry talks took into account the regional block 's pro-democracy principles .
China let in the foreign carmakers but on condition that they worked with local partners .
Karzai who will soon head to an international conference on afghanistan in bonn to seek financial support from foreign donors ordered gulnaz to be released on condition that she and her attacker agree to mediation .
You can travel by air on condition that your blood pressure is stable .
They spoke on condition that their names would not be used in the article .
Article 17 collective economic organizations have decision-making power in conducting independent economic activities on condition that they abide by the relevant laws .
Important comment : thalys may suspend its regularity contact if there are considerable extended disturbances to traffic on condition that passengers have been notified of the delays prior to their departure .
State enterprises have decision-making power with regard to operation and management within the limits prescribed by law on condition that they submit to unified leadership by the state and fulfil all their obligations under the state plan .
The arbitrators shall submit the draft arbitral award to the arbitration commission before signing the award . The arbitration commission may remind the arbitrator of any issue related to the form of the arbitral award on condition that the arbitrator 's independence of decision is not affected .
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