make a dent in是什么意思,make a dent in怎么读

[meik ei dent in]  

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make a dent in的用法和例句
The cost of climate protection would barely make a dent in that growth .
But cashing in its gold would barely make a dent in portugal 's government debt which represents 93 % of gdp according to imf data .
John shoveled and shoveled but he didn 't seem to make a dent in the pile of sand .
If you pack a novel full of politics and culture it might not make a dent in 2012 ......
Exclusive content deals may just be what microsoft needs to reach a combined 30 % which some experts see as the minimum to make a dent in google 's business .
There is general agreement that the euro zone will be unable to deal with its public debt problems or make a dent in the increasigly horrifying unemployment numbers without better economic performance .
Serious mortgage relief could make a dent in that problem ; a $ 30 billion settlement from the banks even if it proved more effective than the government 's modification program would not .
Indeed even if the yuan is allowed to rise by another 5-10 % over the next 12 months as many economists expect that would hardly make a dent in the deficit .
It 's unclear whether the new operating system and other developments will help microsoft make a dent in the smartphone category dominated by apple and google .
The boy shoveled and shoveled but he didn 't seem to make a dent in the pile of sand .
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