in chief是什么意思,in chief怎么读

[in tʃi:f]  

in chief基本解释



1. 首要地
2. 在首席地位

in chief的用法和例句
Bp 's travails will undoubtedly have the same effect : we can expect a bull market in chief safety officers and chief apology officers .
In 1954 b. c. forbes died and his first son bruce became president while the second malcolm took over as editor in chief .
Chris anderson ( ) is the editor in chief ofwiredand author ofthe long tail .
So which grammy nominee thinks he could pull off a killer impression of the commander in chief ?
The loss of new york is washington 's first defeat as commander in chief . The overwhelming british force crushes the rebel army .
Amazingly the french commander in chief gen. gamelin did not even have a telephone in his hq outside paris .
Yet heavily invested after all the work he turned to a friend and former collaborator dr. kenneth j. zucker psychologist in chief at the center for addiction and mental health in toronto and editor of the archives of sexual behavior another influential journal .
With momentum in the tight race recently going toward obama romney sought to keep up sharp campaigning without appearing to divide the nation and unnecessarily attacking the commander in chief at a time of crisis .
Aaron with now groupon 's editor in chief oversees enough copy to fill a 190-page novel every day .
I somehow learned that she went to nightclubs a lot and I once overheard her tell a colleague that she wanted to be the editor in chief of a magazine someday .
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