get ahead of是什么意思,get ahead of怎么读

[ɡet əˈhed ɔv]  

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get ahead of的用法和例句
The other is that china is creating enormous risks by letting capital account liberalization get ahead of domestic reforms .
Whatever you decide there are a few things you can do to get ahead of the game and get 2011 off to an organized and speedy start .
But if they base their educational program on the desire to stay or get ahead of russia they are surrendering their educational destiny to russia and putting in her hands the determination of the kind of people americans are to be .
Cut through this alley and get ahead of them .
The coalition of david cameron 's tories and nick clegg 's lib dems has made two calculations : it could not risk a sovereign debt crisis spilling over from the eurozone ; and it needed to get ahead of the game .
This meant that chinese families would spend a high percentage of their disposable income investing in their only child 's future to get ahead of the competition the company said .
Employers want to ' get ahead of the curve ' of a weakening economy said bernadette kenny senior vice president of human resources at adecco group north america a unit of adecco sa the world 's biggest staffing company .
The priority for european policymakers is to do the same as governments eventually did with the banks : to get ahead of the crisis and to convince investors that they will spend whatever is necessary .
In the financial markets the response has been more focused and carnivorous as other financial firms are trying to get ahead of any move morgan might make to extricate itself from its trade .
Their team will probably get ahead of us .
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