edge out是什么意思,edge out怎么读

[edʒ aut]  

edge out基本解释



1. 微微胜过
2. 挤掉
3. 徐徐走出

edge out的用法和例句
Simply put it means state resources backed by political power enter the market and edge out private capital to dominate the market .
The school is betting that its combination of depth in china and breadth of global business topics thanks to its prominent faculty hires will edge out competitors mr. quelch says .
If so expect them to use their political strength to edge out all their opponents gradually tightening their grip on the country until it becomes suffocating .
She found that plants living with other unrelated plants grew more roots to try to edge out the other plants for water and nutrients .
The world 's biggest semiconductor maker yesterday was fined a record $ 1.45 billion by european regulators for allegedly using its dominance to edge out rivals a decision that has cast a spotlight on similar investigations by u.s. antitrust watchdogs .
I didn 't want him to get mad and take them back . I 'm gonna edge out chandler !
In the long run technologies that get cheaper can be expected to edge out a technology that has only ever got more expensive .
For millions of users mobile devices like cellphones are beginning to edge out pcs as the tool of choice for many computing tasks .
The group clearly thinks it sensible to edge out of the shadow of the beleaguered syrian regime its main sponsor and become more friendly with egypt 's new order where the muslim brothers are on the rise .
Second the growth increasingly comes from consumption by latin americans themselves as tens of millions edge out of poverty and benefit from newly available credit .
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