bank upon是什么意思,bank upon怎么读

[bæŋk əˈpɔn]  

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bank upon的用法和例句
In case it entrusts another bank to honor the bank bills upon agency or issues the bank bills of another bank upon agency the capital is not timely surrendered according to the relevant provisions for three times or more within one year .
Effects of interest increasing by central bank upon postal savings .
Fees and expenses for a syndicated loan shall be borne by the agent bank upon decisions of the members of the syndicate through consultation .
She borrowed $ 40000 to earn an economics degree from stanford university in the 1980s which landed her only an entry-level job at a bank upon graduation .
An analysis of effectiveness of china 's central bank 's circulation of bills upon currency market interest rates .
All foreign exchange receipts from capital transactions shall be deposited in foreign exchange accounts opened with designated foreign exchange banks in accordance with the relevant state regulations such revenues can be also sold to a designated bank upon the approval by the safe .
When the forward contract expires the bank shall upon strength of corresponding effective vouchers provided by the client settle or sell foreign exchange .
In short a bank 's rivals will call upon it for redemption in gold or cash in the same way as do foreigners except that the process is much faster and would nip any incipient inflation in the bud before it got started .
Article 47 where a bank that issues the bank bills of another bank upon agency loses seal cipher code or voucher by violating the provisions of the payment and settlement system or the agency agreement and causes loss of capital to the principal bank the bank shall be responsible for making compensations to the principal bank .
A bank 's decision must be based upon the relevance and usefulness of promotional campaigns .
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